We don’t always understand the ways of Almighty God – the crosses sent us, the sacrifices demanded… But we accept with faith and resignation the holy will with no looking back, and we are at peace.


Accepting that other people are where they are is hard for me right now. I can accept what I’ve done to myself has put me in this position, but when I see someone I care about that  I feel is lagging behind my progress – well, I just want to grab them by the shirt collar and drag them up to where I am.

That isn’t respectful to the person as an individual, or their journey, or myself even. It’s like I think of myself as the slowest learner in life’s classroom, and one someone threatens that title, I feel the need to fix it.

It’s one thing to help when your help is asked for, which is what the core of positive human relations is. On the other hand, forcing your will where it is unbidden is another thing entirely. It’s as dangerous to my program to allow myself to feel superior to another’s progress as it is to allow myself to feel inferior to another.

I need to learn to resign myself to the fact that the only person I can fix and improve is myself, and I need a lot of help learning to fix my reations to people.


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