Inner Wholeness

The child is an almost universal symbol for the soul’s transformation. The child is whole, not yet divided… when we would heal the mind… we ask this child to speak to us.

-Susan Griffin

Have you heard of Chiron? He was a Greek centaur, a multi-talented healer and mentor of many including Hercules. Once, Hercules was fighting centaurs, and using arrows that had been dipped in a poison. The poison caused wounds that would never heal, and he shot his mentor. The interesting part here is that Chiron was immortal and unable to die of his wounds. Despite his skills, he was unable to heal his own wound. Don’t worry – Hercules eventually fixes it.

I’m a good listener, and spend a lot of effort trying to make others feel more whole and confident in themselves. I have my own wounds, though, and I can’t quite treat them. I’m two people in a way...I have a different name for myself and my addiction, for crying out loud. When I’m writing, meditating, or lost in something – then I feel whole. I strive to achieve a consistent level of wholeness outside of states of “flow” – when my mind is occupied on accomplishing a task. Learning more about psychology helps. Carl Jung – although I’ve barely read anything – I’m still reading “Man and His Symbols” – from what I’ve learned his synchinization of mythology, dreams, and the parts of the human mind sound like a lot of wisdom that will aid me in my quest to become a whole person.

I joke a lot that I’m trying to achieve sainthood with studying spirituality & practicing it, but I’m trying to achieve inner peace and a become a better person for other people. I honestly would prefer to forsake a love life and parenthood to pursue these goals...I feel like I don’t have the temperament for these goals, anyway.


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