“Flattery is so necessary to all of us that we flatter one another just to be flattered in return.

-Marjorie Bowen

Saying kind things is the center of my social universe. I’m sincere, though – selfishly, I’ve found that being able to find the good in others makes it easier to find good in myself. If I’m not able to be kind, I generally try to say what I need to in a neutral way, and if I’m lucky, it comes out emphasizing the positive results of the situation, and how it can be improved.

I’m not always this lucky, though,I did tell someone they were an asshole a couple of nights, in the context of terminating a friendship. The whole conversation doesn’t need to be rehashed here, but I hope it’s an impetus for them to change their behavior toward themself and others.

My psychology class is currently focusing on different forms of intelligence. One of them is emotional intelligence, the ability to empathize and understand with others. EQ, as its called, is important in both social and work situations. Its a skill that has helped me convey difficult points to other people, and let them down easily.

If its something you struggle with, it can be improved by trying to understand why people do things in both real life and in media. It’s all about being able to see yourself in others, on one level, and being able to see how we are all divinely connected.


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