True intimacy with another human being can only be experienced when you have found true peace within yourself.

-Angela L. Wozniak

This quote is so accurate. You can only share in the depth of friendship when you can share all parts of yourself. If you’re capable of only sharing the “cool” and “socially acceptable” parts of yourself, you’re only going to hear about those parts of the other person. True friendship is about a meeting of souls, and this means it deals with the filth, the uncertainity, the battles you’ve fought, and the battles you’re fighting.

True love can only be felt when you love yourself. You need to accept your own failures without getting lost in depression. You need to be able to sense your own positive attributes without getting lost in narcissism. Anything less than sensing on a deep level how we’re all interrelated is only a pale imitation of understanding the world.

My own problem is trying too hard to level with people, which means I’ll pretend on some level to be less than I am. It’s condescension, but with “love” as a motivator – what I’ve done recently is remove those I can’t truly interact with in a deep and loving manner…it’s less out of hate and malice and more about loving release.


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