Hitting Bottom:Despair and Isolation

What crisis brought me to recovery?

Many crises have brought me in (and out of) recovery. This last crisis was me no longer liking the person I am, in a nutshell, and seeing my current behavior as a obstacle to my goals in life.

Heavy drinking, methamphetamine, heavy drinking & methamphetamine…it reads much like that.

My lowest point in life was when I had been up for days and a woman I knew from NA stopped by to talk to me. She came to get me after she finished her shift and watched over me for a while while I came down. At some point I couldn’t even construct a sentence in under ten minutes.

What situation led me to formally work Step One?

The first time I was in the Oxford House, and had finally found a decent sponsor. This time around I don’t have a sponsor due to a few different reasons, but I feel that reworking the steps will help me stay focused before my move & give me a starting base with my next one.

When did I first recognize my addiction as a problem? Did I try to correct it? If so, how? If not, why not?


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