A woman who is loved always has success.

-Vicki Baum

The darkest moments of my life were when I could not feel love – it was there, but I couldn’t or wouldn’t let myself feel it. Now, one of my greatest joys in life is giving love to others freely, with the minimum of requirements. All I ask is not to be abused and taken for granted. I used to love without those requirements, and…I can’t do that, without taking on too much suffering.

I praise and thank the universe that those relationships could be ended, and all it takes is the strength to avoid returning to them. Some aren’t so lucky – I don’t know how people can handle being related to us addicts sometimes…To see someone blindly destroy and kill themselves is beyond what I can handle, to be unable to turn from that…that’s requires something that’s not in me.

I thank God for the mutually loving relationships I have today. They may be few in number, but they are strong and dependable. Another huge relief that came from giving up addiction and my old way of thinking is the joy of just being alive and free to experience the world around me.


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