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Hi! Welcome to She-Who-Hears.Net and its off-shoot, the Learning to Live Sober blog. Both blogs are written by me, Joss, a 29 year old who’s passionate about living a life that reflects her values and her potential. I have a lot of struggles in my life right now – health, sobriety, and education – these blogs document them.


She-Who-Hears.Net is my general blog, which includes daily updates on different themes – typical life stuff, thoughts on spirituality, times past, the present and my hopes for the future. I also do creative writing – mostly poetry.

I’m following the 365 Days of Writing Prompts guide, and have my own weekly and monthly features. Each week, I’ll post a quote, poem, and piece of art. Each month, I’ll review a book, album and movie and write up an inspiring person. Currently, most of my thoughts about sobriety and my struggle to achieve it are here, but as time goes on I’ll shift the majority of it over to Learning to Live Sober.

Learning to Live Sober is strictly a collection daily reflections pertaining to sobriety and stepwork. If you’re not affliated with recovery, what that means is that I’ll be doing reflections from “Each Day A New Beginning”, a book which features an inspiring quote each day meant to aid in recovering women’s character development and therefore enhance their sobriety.

Stepwork is the written work behind achieving advancement through the twelve steps. I’m following the Narcotics Anonymous stepwork guide, which includes my thoughts on addiction and actions that I’m responsible for and my attempts to remedy the damage and grow as a person.

You can follow both, one or neither – but I’m clarifying what in the devil is going on here.


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