I realized a long time ago that a belief which does not spring from a conviction in the emotions is no belief at all.

-Evelyn Scott

Yes! I can “know” things, but if I don’t “feel” them as being true, I have a hard time motivating myself to act on them. Recovery has taught me some of my convictions, but I’m still in that period of discovery which is both exciting and frightening – there are so many things I don’t know about myself. I know old versions of myself, and what I hope to become, but who I really am is sometimes an unknown with me – and that’s okay, we’re all conscious co-creators of the self, unfinished projects that are never to be finished until that final moment.

The best way to understand a person is to understand their convictions and beliefs. If someone doesn’t know themselves at all, they are a frightening unknown, a person that can’t be counted on, one way or the other. Once a person knows what defines them internally – according to their own values, they can act to improve themselves and the world around them. External definitions only mean so much in this world, and a person that purely defines others on their external values is missing what I consider to be THE point of living – pursuing ideals that may be unattainable in their pure form, but the pursuance of betters the world.

Go find yourself. Discover what YOU think about things. You’re the most important person in your world, love.


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