Reared as we were in a youth and beauty oriented society, we measured ourselves by our ornamental value.

-Janet Harris

Sometimes you hear a quote just when it’s just when appropriate. I’m not too enthused with my physical body (or the state of soul) at the moment, and my best friend assured me of both my beauty and internal beauty. 🙂 She’s a sweetheart, but it’s not necessary to place value on external appearance – I still do during my weaker moments .

Your character is endlessly more important than your appearance, especially in the adult world. I’d rather have someone than I can trust and confide in than someone who meets my physical preferences and has a terrible personality.

Women are raised to objectify themselves in a way that men just aren’t, but it’s becoming increasingly common to find men that are physically insecure in some way. Maybe it is part of being part of a consumerist society – if people are insecure about something, they’re more prone to buy something to “fix” the perceived fault, but dang. Can’t we just love ourselves – self-love makes it easier to love others, and loving others makes it easier to love yourself.


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