Knowing When to Let Go

On occasion I realize it’s easier to say the serenity prayer and take that leap of faith than it is to continue doing what I’m doing.


A huge lesson for me recently has been knowing the difference between that which I can change – myself, and that which I cannot change – others. In fact, the way I was attempting to change/”help” others reflected a deep defect of my own. Maybe that’s how it works – something that you cannot tolerate on the outside reflects something that you’re avoiding looking at on the inside of yourself.

I’ve learned to let go, and it’s granted me such an unbelievable peace. My earlier inability to let go was a reflection of my shaky faith in my Higher Power…believe it or not, the universe is as kind and patient with others as it has been with me, so I shouldn’t interfere with its workings…There are many things that God can do that I am frankly not suited for or meant to be involved in. Knowing this has granted me a deeper humility and with it comes even more peace.

Losing my ever-present anxiety about everything has been one of the deepest gifts I’ve been granted.


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