Spiritual Principles + Moving On

If I’ve been thinking about using or acting out on my addiction in some other way, have I shared it with my sponsor or told anyone else?

The internet, my sponsor, my best friend – tattling on myself is my first line of defense.

Have I stayed in touch with the reality of my disease, no matter how long I’ve had freedom from active addiction?

I used to try to stay friends with people in addiction, but I’ve realized that articles, people in the rooms, and bad memories are better.

Have I noticed that, now that I don’t have to cover up my addiction, I no longer need to lie like I did? Do I appreciate the freedom that goes along with that? In what ways have I begun to be honest in my recovery?

Yes. The freedom is beautiful, because lying makes difficulties that don’t need to exist.

What have I heard in recovery that I have trouble believing?

Nothing – I’ve experienced enough of the freedom to believe that there’s more to it than I’ve experienced.

Have I asked my sponsor, or the person I heard say, to explain it to me?

Yes, I would, if it happened.

In what ways am I practicing open-mindedness?

Learning more about recovery, doing my step-work and daily reflections, listening to others and being open and honest.

Am I willing to follow my sponsor’s direction?


Am I willing to go to meetings regularly?


Am I willing to give recovery my best effort? In what ways?

Honesty, open-mindness, and willingness. Sticking with the program even when I don’t want to.

Do I believe that I’m a monster who has poisoned the whole world with my addiction? Do I believe that my addicition is utterly inconsequential to the larger society around me? Or something in between?

Something in between. I’ve done worse than others, others have done worse than me…I have the freedom not to live like that any more, and to restart my life.

Do I have a sense of my relative importance within my circle of family and friends? In society as a whole? What is that sense?

My friends love me, and I’m as worthwhile as anyone else in general society.

How am I practicing the principle of humility in connection with this work on the First Step?

By realizing that god is in charge, and I’m not. By being of service.

Have I made peace with the fact that I’m an addict?


Have I made peace with the things I’ll have to do to stay clean?


How is acceptance of my disease necessary for my continued recovery?

I need to realize I can never be like “normal” people and use and move on with it. It’s not in my nature.

How do I know it’s time to move on?

I feel like I’ve made all the progress I can with this step on my own. I’ve learned how to surrender this time, and furthered my honesty and commitment to the program.

What is my understanding of Step One?

I alone can’t defeat this disease, but with the help of others I can stop its progression and effects on my life.

How has my prior knowledge and experience affected my work on this step?

It’s taught me the power and necesssity of a complete surrender, and how honesty can save your life.


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