Coming to Believe

Do I have any fears about coming to believe? What are they?

No, releasing my will and life can only bring me freedom from my self-destructive will. I’ve fought with this part of this step for over a year and realize on a deeper level that there is just something inside me that runs contrary to that which is good.

Do I have any other barriers that make it difficult for me to believe? What are they?

Years of atheism, a negative experience with a Catholic upbringing.

What does the phrase “We came to believe…” mean to me?

After exhausting self-will, we have realized that we must rely on something outside our narrow views and preconceptions of the world.

Have I ever believed in anything for which I didn’t have tangible evidence? What was the experience like?

Unpleasant initially, but eventually a relief. My best friend realized my ex was cheating on me before I did, purely on what I described on her. I rely on her judgement a lot more, and this and other things have brought us closer.

What experiences have  I heard other recovering addicts share about the process of coming to believe? Have  Intried any of them in my life?

Talking to God, meditating, “acting as if”, turning the issue over to God – currently my favorite.

In what do I believe?

There is a God that we are all part of that has an indefinable plan for everything. We are all beloved parts of the universe.

How has my belief grown since I’ve been in recovery?

It’s grown tremendously, especially since my relapse. There’s something out there watching over all of us.


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