Letting Go

Love has a hundred gentle ends.

-Leonara Speyer

Letting go to me means turning the subject or person over to God’s care. It’s only a recent development in my life that doing this is easier for me – I used to fight to cling to things that hurt me and provided no benefit. Now I admit that God can handle these things better than I can, and help people in ways that I can’t.

What a blessing and relief! I used to feel like I was the person that had to be there for others, especially when it seemed like no one else was in that person’s corner. Don’t get me wrong – I still help and care for others, but I limit myself to things that I can actually effectively help now, and if I can’t physically help, I pray.

Not only can you let go of people, but you can let go of the past, and worries for the future. There’s any number of things that you can turn over to God to better be in the present moment. It’s difficult to do and understand at first, but once you realize how well it works – and how everything was originally in God’s control, anyway – you’ll love it.


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