Making a Decision

Why is making a decision central to working this step?

An action step is necessary to progress after two steps of figuring out that you have a problem, and finding out there’s a way to fix it. Now you must decide to fix the problem or not.

Can I make this decision just for today? Do I have any fears or reservations about it? What are they?

Yes. No, I don’t have any that I’m aware of. My entire life is up to God now.


What action have I taken to follow through on my decision?

Staying away from men, staying away from people who use, staying close to the program.

What areas of my life are difficult for me to turn over? Why is it important that I turn them over anyway?

My romantic life – even though that seems to be the one that gets me in the most trouble. The more difficult it is to turn over, the more important it is to turn over seems to be the rule with me.


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