Restoration to Sanity

What are some things I consider examples of sanity?

Paying off debt, living within your means, being thoughtful and honest. Responding rather than reacting.

What changes in my thinking and behavior are necessary for my restoration to sanity?

I need to place recovery and myself first, and need to live in a way consistent with my values and my place in life.

In what areas of my life do I need sanity now?

Every aspect.

How is restoration a process?

It doesn’t happen all at once, and takes much effort. It happens step-by-step.

How will working the rest of the steps help me in my restoration to sanity?

It moves me bit by bit closer to having a loving relationship with God, and restoring me to who I am beneath all this damage, and will add stability and love to my life.

How has sanity already been restored to me in my recovery?

I’ve made good decisions with the help of those in the program, and regained my faith in God and the program. I know that I will need to stick close to the program for my life – within a few months of deviating from my program, I relapsed.

What expectations do I have about being restored to sanity? Are they realistic or unrealistic?

If I continue to do my share of the work, I will reap the benefits of a more stable and sane lifestyle. I will have more dependable people in my circle, and end up in less crisis situations. I will also be placed in situations where I feel responsible for other adult’s well being less often.

Are my realistic expectations about how my recovery is progressing being met or not? Do I understand that recovery happens over time, not overnight?

Yes, my expectations are being met. I need to do the work in order to recover, and I know this is only the beginning of a long process.

Finding ourselves able to act sanely, even once, in a situation with which we were never able to deal successfully before is evidence of sanity. Have I had any experiences like that in my recovery? What were they?

Yes, turning down drugs, and most recently walking away from drug use and drug users. It was difficult, but I managed. Resisting temptation to return to people that only cause me problems.


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