Spiritual Principles + Moving On

Why is having a closed mind harmful to my recovery?

It limits my speed and degree of recovery to what I can perceive and understand.

How am I demonstrating open-mindedness in my life today?

Living by suggestions from people in the program even if I feel like the suggestions are SCORCHED EARTH POLICY and DRACONIAN.

In what ways has my life changed since I’ve been in recovery? Do I believe more change is possible?

There’s a higher degree of peace, love, reliability, and stability. God, do I use those words enough?

What am I willing to do to be restored to sanity?

Anything, I’ve reached the end of my patience with my addiction.

Is there something I am now willing to do that I was previously unwilling to do? What is it?

Do things that seem over-the-top to maintain sobriety and stability. Pray. Meditate. Listen and FOLLOW THROUGH with what my sponsor says.

What action have I been taking that demonstrates my faith?

Praying, meditating, and acting in a way that reflects God’s will.

How has my faith grown?

It’s grown tremendously. I now trust God to take care of others as he does me.

Have I been able to make plans, having faith my addiction isn’t going to get in the way?


What fears do I have that are getting in the way of my trust?

None that I’m aware of, but I’ll keep my eye out.

What do I need to do to let go of these fears?

Talk to my sponsor, talk to people in the program, talk to my best friend.

What action am I taking that demonstrates my trust in the process of recovery and a Power greater than myself?

Prayer, meditation, listening to those with more clean time than I have + those with less, getting outside myself more.

Have I sought help from a Power greater than myself today? How?

Yes, I prayed and meditated and asked that I do His will.

Have I sought help from my sponsor, gone to meetings, and reached out to other recovering addicts? What were the results?

Yes – I got the help I needed and felt of service.

What action can I take that will help me along in the process of coming to believe?

More prayer and meditation.

What am I doing to work on overcoming any unrealistic expectations I may have about being restored to sanity?

I don’t think my expectations are unrealistic. I realize my life will never be as it would be without addiction, but I do know my current potential is much higher than my current situation.

What is my understanding of Step Two?

We realized we were limited and unable to control our addiction or our lives.

How has my prior knowledge and experience affected my work on this step?

It’s taught me that I must completely surrender my thought process and will to God and those that know better than I do.


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